Another day, another domain…

Many of my friends have blogs now. What surprised me was the realization that I’ve had a blog for something like five and a half years…and when I started that I felt like I was behind the curve!  Where do the years go?

My old blog was a spotty affair, in no small part due to the clumsiness of the interface there and its habit of cavalierly obliterating photos from old entries and occasionally having senior moments where it would “forget” (read, lose) entire posts after I pushed “save”. This had thrown a rather soggy wet blanket over my enthusiasm for posting there. And once the 48 Hour Film Project rolled around in the spring I pretty much got out of the habit of blogging at all.

Feeling the urge to post a blog entry today, but unenthusiastic about doing it there on that creaky old painfully slow site, I decided to start anew over here on WordPress, and say “szia!” to Tripod. Yes, Tripod, you had a good run, but you didn’t always treat me “write”.


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