1969 & The Shat: It Was A Very Good Year…or was it?

Stumbled across an appearance of William Shatner on The Mike Douglas Show from a few weeks after the last episode of Star Trek had been filmed.

In the first, His Kirk-ness talks about his acting choices on Star Trek

In the second part, he does a little Hamlet…

Done making mental “ham” jokes, yet? No? Let me help. Little + Ham = Ham-let.

Got that out of your system?…OK, so he does Hamlet’s soliloquy to the tune of the song “When I was Seventeen”, then switches to the song proper, which he acts rather than sings. The audio gets out of sync, though. I’ve seen the latter part before (“It Was A Very Good Year”), but not the Hamlet bit.

More than anything, this reminds me of afternoon television after school in the bygone era of my childhood. Yes, it was bland and maybe a little banal, but twas the eras of daytime talk shows with no chairs being thrown, no confessions of polygamy, or other shocking and tawdry revelations. Hokey as it is, I’m a little nostalgic for it.

Maybe it was a very good year in some ways…


1 Response to “1969 & The Shat: It Was A Very Good Year…or was it?”

  1. 1 aje
    September 25, 2009 at 7:08 pm

    Goodness, but Bill just loves to be on stage! As a long time fan of his, it was a delight (albeit slightly embarrassing — ham-let is right!). Those cheap psychedelic transitions — I was seven back then and remember nothing like it, even thought it looks vintage ’69 to me now. Still, when was the last time you’ve seen 5 minutes devoted to Shakespeare on broadcast tv? Maybe it was a very good year.

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