I’m back to work on the “Gigi” film I shot in June—ostensibly for 2010’s 48 Hour Film Project but didn’t submit due to a hard drive “FAIL”—and finding it rather a challenge. The highly stylized nature of the film, coupled with the fact that it’s a rather downbeat piece, has me really stretching in terms of editorial technique and choices. The fact that everything was shot on greenscreen gives me a weird latitude to do things like splice two different takes together, or change the distance between the characters, which is liberating, but strange.

Some things change as I edit, as always. For instance, in the shot posted here, the original idea was for the characters to step forward and reveal signs behind them but that didn’t work well when I actually edited it together.  I then decided to create shadows for them, with the idea that the shadows would move and reveal the signs. That sorta worked, but the framing didn’t work, as the signs were revealed at the left and right side of the frame, making your eyes have to travel to two sides of the screen.  The latest experiment is to put the characters farther apart and have the shadows grow and converge towards the screen center, actually revealing the signs in shadow as opposed to in light. Yes, it’s counter-intuitive, but graphically interesting (I hope).


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